Athletic Therapy

Athletic therapy is specifically for injured individuals that are looking to get back to their sports. Athletic therapy includes:

  • Prevention techniques to teach athletes that are prone to injury or are at a higher risk of injury, how to reduce the risk.

  • Assessing athletes' gait patterns and key movements in their sport to improve performance and reduce injury risk, as well as assessing the degree of current injuries.

  • Administer therapeutic exercises and modalities to improve function and to stimulate healing processes.

Movement Restoration

Our movement restoration classes are taught by Brian Justin who specializes in rehabilitation from chronic injuries. These classes target certain areas of the body by integrating foam rolling, deep breathing techniques, and Hanna Somatics movements. Not only will you feel more relaxed after, but you will start to move better as well.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a great way to decrease tension in soft tissue that may be over active due to a specific injury or a movement that is constantly performed. Here at 4D, we make sure that you walk away from treatments satisfied but also filled with knowledge about your treatment. 

Our Therapists

Owner, RMT, Head Trainer

Braden Wilkins


Meet Braden! He is our massage therapist at 4D. Alongside his massage therapy schooling, Braden also has a vast educational background including his Kinesiology degree, so you could say he knows a bit about the human body. From high level athletes to seniors and those with physical disabilites, Braden has seen a lot and he has the knowledge to work through any physical problem that comes his way. 

NOTE: Braden will be providing massage services through the South Point Legacies Health Centre. Take a look at the massage services tab above to find out how to book with Braden.

Corrective & Performance Exercise Physiologist/ Somatic Movement Coach & Educator

Brian Justin


Brian is our movement restoration specialist! With his plethora of certificates and experiences, Brian has been able to piece together his own system to help you recover from injury or chronic pain. This system includes somatics, FMS, foam rolling and general assessments that he has made his own.

Athletic Therapist

Jamie Johnson

MSc. Rehabilitation Science, CAT

Jamie Johnson is our athletic therapist at 4D. Jamie is originally from Alberta but has resided in Vancouver for the past 5 years working with high performance, national and provincial level athletes. These teams include (but are not limited to): The Vancouver Whitecaps, Canada Soccer and Rugby, Langley Thunder Lacrosse, and the 2019 World Junior Hockey Championships. Jamie specializes in return to sport with the use of manual and exercise/movement therapy. She believes that all athletes deserve an Athletic Therapist to return them back to their chosen activity fast and safely.

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