Who's The Expert?

Due to the abundance of social media platforms available now, anyone can say whatever they feel like where people can hear it, share it, and respond to it. Although this is a great way to communicate, it can be a big barrier when searching for valid information. In terms of health and fitness, it seems like almost everyone has a fitness account or claims that they are an expert in a certain area of wellness - but are they really? Here at 4D one of our biggest goals is to provide you with evidence-based information that helps you grow to be a healthier individual. Because aspects of our field are always changing, even we as professionals look to the internet to stay updated in our practices. In saying this though, we make sure that all the information we gather is backed by accredited research. So we wanted to give you a few pointers that we use to check the validity of our finds:

  • Look to accredited (usually .org) websites like the Government of Canada for nutritional information, or the American Council on Exercise (https://www.acefitness.org/) for exercise ideas (they have a great exercise library!), rather than .com websites.

  • When using Facebook or Instagram, look at the account's bio. This is where most individuals put their credentials (ie personal trainer, kinesiologist, physiotherapist, etc.). A red flag is if they have nothing at all. This also goes for book authors. Search them up to see what education they have!

  • Be media literate! If accounts are using very specific and big claims like "drink this tea and shed 10lbs in 2 days!" or "this exercise will give you a six-pack in no time!", they most likely are not valid. 


  • Always check with a professional - like us! There are some diets and exercises that are not for everyone (or for anyone at all) and they could actually cause more harm than good, so it is always a good idea to check with someone with an educational background in this field if you are unsure. Most health professionals also have access to research databases that are not accessible to the public eye, so we can quickly help you find more information about particular topics if we are also unsure.

We hope these quick tips help you with your search for information! Our professionals at 4D are always happy to answer quick (or long) questions!

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